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A Scientific Framework for Alpha.

Atom is a global investment platform that unifies
industry-leading investment talent with systematic portfolio construction and disciplined risk management. 


Firm Overview

We believe in the science of alpha. By identifying repeatable investment skill, Atom has created an investment program that can cater to the unique needs of Institutional Investors, Family Offices, and Financial Advisors around the world.


Year Founded


Unique Issuers Traded 


Completed Trades


Aggregate Notional Value Traded


Market Neutral Equities

Atom is a market-neutral investment platform that aims to deliver consistent, low-risk performance independent of market trends. We focus our efforts on investing through the world's most promising teams, uniting this talent with systematic portfolio construction and disciplined risk management.

Talent Sourcing

We search for repeatable investment skill through rigorous quantitative analysis. By identifying equity portfolio managers with differentiated investment styles, time-frames, research processes, and geographies, our team is able to construct a resilient and diverse foundation for alpha.



Advanced proprietary systems capture and analyze petabytes of data to inform every step of our investment process. At the same time, our live mission control architecture validates thousands of check points and orchestrates trading and operational processes with precision.


Portfolio Construction

Our talent foundation is expressed through highly automated and systematic portfolio construction and risk management frameworks which work in tandem to minimize risk while improving consistency.



Our algorithmic execution infrastructure operates around the clock, processing thousands of trades across the globe each day. With systematic precision, our trade engine aims to maximize execution quality while minimizing market impact and transaction costs.


Empowered by Our Leadership

At Atom, our leaders foster and embody a culture of innovation, excellence, integrity, and partnership. 

Working at Atom Investors

We bring together the brightest minds across investing, engineering, operations and beyond.
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